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Karina Tunyan ( SAN) & Company was founded in the year 1985 in Niger state before moving to its permanent location at number 28 Blantyre Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Every year in June, the firm celebrates its anniversary in a grand style. This year is no different. The firm, under the leadership of its Managing Partner, M.J Numa Esq. organized an in-house retreat veered towards engaging the associates of the firm on a continuity plan putting in mind the coronavirus pandemic that is upon us.

The retreat session was moderated by M.J Numa, a senior partner in the Firm, who took a major part in the planning and execution of the retreat.

One of the Resource persons at the retreat was Mr Max Ikongbeh of Everlaw Associates, who took the associates in the firm on a grand tour of the newly enacted CAMA 2020.  In summarizing the new provisions of the CAMA the, associates were introduced to;

  1. Section 18(2) of the new CAMA now makes it possible to establish a private company with only one member or shareholder.
  2. The new CAMA makes provisions for electronic filing, electronic share transfer and e-meetings for private companies.
  3. Creation of limited liability partnership, this allows start-ups to enter into partnerships, whilst still protecting their personal assets from being used to satisfy the debts incurred by the partnership.
  4. Section 307 (1) of the Act prohibits a person from being a director in more than five (5) public companies at a time

Mr Max took time after the session for a small interactive session answering questions arising from the new CAMA. During this time, a recap of the first session and the key takeaways about the newly enacted CAMA and other areas bothering on challenges of administering the CAMA including the outrageous amount to gazette the CAMA coupled with the lack of a commencement date was discussed.

Next was Mr Momoh Kadiri of Mitchell Simmonds Solicitors, London, who spoke on the topic ‘law firm management post covid-19, the advantages of ICT department in both transaction and dispute resolution, virtual hearing and ancillary matters’.

The day ended with a discussion and commentary amongst the associates on the topics discussed and all questions relating to the seminar were discussed.


The next day, the second leg of the retreat kicked off at 2pm with Mr Segun Meleki of law pavilion Nigeria, speaking on ‘An overview of Artificial Intelligence, Case Management and Solicitors Tool Kit’. The inability of older practitioners to appreciate the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the legal profession. The archaic belief that a good lawyer is known from the size of his library.  He introduced new soft wares that will enable lawyers to access case files and manage their offices effectively.

The retreat was rounded up by Aisha Abdullahi Bubah, a lead psychologist with The Sunshine Series, Mind Wellness. She spoke to the associates on ‘Work-Life Balance for better productivity’. She outlined the impact of the pandemic on work, schooling, social activities, finances e.t.c. Anxiety, depression, grief, fear, and uncertainty have become the norm in this period and how we have been forced to be resilient. Resilience is the ability to bounce back after being faced with stress, pressure, or some crises or traumatic event.

The associates partook in the well-being and stress assessment released by the World Health Organisation.  The session came to an end when the associates were counselled on methods of self-care;

  1. Be aware of your battery life
  2. Breathing exercises
  3. Self-compassion
  4. Sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Diet


The associates including the invited guests sat together and gave different accounts of their ‘Karina Tunyan Experience’, with a send forth organized by the office for one of its associates who was leaving the firm, Mr Emmanuel Oheta Agi.

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