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The Court of Appeal, Abuja Division on the 30th of April, 2020 re-affirmed the Constitutional right of the Area Councils in the Federal Capital territory Abuja to assess and demand tenements rates on privately owned houses for purposes of levying tenements rates within the Federal Capital Territory pursuant to their functions as enshrined in Section 7 and Paragraph 1(j) of the 4th Schedule to the Constitution and pursuant to the existing laws applicable to the Federal Capital territory.

The FCT High Court Coram: Valentine Ashi J (of blessed memory) had on the 12th day of April, 2018 nullified the bye-laws passed by the areas’ council to regulate the enforcement of the tenement rates at the trial Court. However, in a unanimous decision in CA/A/536/2018 between Abuja Municipal Area Council v Plan Shelter Limited reversed the Judgment and reiterated the right of the Area Councils to levy and enforce the collecting of tenements rates. The Law Firm of Karina Tunyan & Company is pleased to have acted as counsel to the Abuja Municipal Area Council who convinced the court to set aside the judgment of the trial court. #amac #karinatunyan #staysafe

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